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Our Web Development Process Starts with You.

In an industry that’s full of companies competing for the same customer-base, you know what makes you unique. You know what sets your company apart, the clients you have now, and the clients you’d like to have. Our web development process doesn’t start life on a server. It isn’t written in code, and there’s no simple contact form to fill. The first stage of the development process starts with you.

Don’t Just Hire a Website Design Company; Partner with a Web Development Team.

Development is the core of our design philosophy at ER Productions. How do you want to develop your business, and how can we help you do that? That question is what our development process is designed to answer. Those answers are what drives they way we develop your site. That’s why we aren’t just a website design agency –we’re your digital development partner.

How does the design process work?

Like so many great partnerships, it all begins with a conversation. We want to know why, who, what, and where.

  • WHY do you want a new website? Do you want a brand portal, e-commerce store, local presence, national presence? How can we design a website that moves your business forward?
  • WHO do you want to target? Do you want to capture new customers, reach new demographics, expand into a new marketplace, or just expand all together? What design elements can make that a reality?
  • WHAT do you want to accomplish? Do you want to convert online customers into leads, implement online scheduling, or sell products in a digital space? Which design aspects should we focus on?
  • WHERE do you see your company in the future? Do you want to take out the competition, establish yourself as a leader in a new market, grow your staff and increase profitability? How can our site design and layout prepare you for your future goals?

Designed by us-inspired by you.

The design process is collaborative. We perform in-depth research to determine the best way to meet your needs based on everything we’ve discussed. It informs the structure of the site, where we place elements, keyword research, content and link building, and so much more.

With more than a decade of experience helping local businesses grow, expand, and profit, we’ll guide you through the design stage. Remember, we work with you. Our color scheme can match your current branding or take you in a new direction. We can implement videos, blogs, contact forms, scheduling, and target your most important service areas.

If you ever take issue with a design choice, don’t worry. We work with you to create the site you see in your head. If a change impacts how a customer uses the site, we’ll let you know why we implemented the strategy in the first place. A team works together for the good of the whole. That’s how we operate, and our goal is the same as yours-the success of your business and a website design you can truly own.

What other considerations direct the design process?

Security – In this day and age we make sure your site encrypts any information entered online whether it’s a contact form, online store, forum login, or any other form of digital information transfer.

Speed – We optimize our websites to load quickly on any device. Scaling and information layout changes so no matter what a customer views your site on, they are seeing the most important information first and fast.

Usability – Your website has to be easy to navigate, friendly to use, and present customers with the information they are looking for. In the online space usability mapping uses “breadcrumbs” to guide a customers’ journey online. We’ll optimize your site so everything your customer needs is within reach and highly visible.

Web Development for Your Vancouver, WA Business Starts Now!

You can’t afford to wait. The sooner your website is live, the sooner it goes to work for you. Building your business in a local marketplace requires great web development. It isn’t just a site anymore; it’s your digital storefront.

You want your site to meet the high standards your business is known for, building trust and confidence in your customers from the first click to the last. That’s web development with ER Productions.

 If you’d like to begin your new design, discuss what you’re looking for in a website, or just find out more-we’re glad to help you get started. Call or contact us today, your new website is waiting to be built.

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“I own and operate a marketing firm and often turn to outside consultants for specialized work. I just completed a project with ER Productions. They have superior attention to detail, were responsive and a good value. They are number #1 on my list.”

Dan Orloff

5 Star Review, Yelp - July 26th, 2017

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