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Social Media Marketing in Vancouver, WA Just Got Easier.

There are over 4 million active Facebook users in Washington State. As one of the leading social media marketing platforms, those users aren’t just engaging with Facebook at home. They check messages when they’re out, post trip photos, and “like” their favorite places in their home city and those they visit. All of those users are potential customers of yours, but only if they see your ad first. What that ad says, how it looks, and when it displays all determine how effective it will be. ER Productions does all the heavy lifting for you, and best of all? Our SMM campaigns are always improving.

Is Your Social Media Marketing (SMM) Campaign Going the Distance or Stalling Out Mid-Race?

SMM for a small business in Vancouver, WA can mean big business. You aren’t just attracting customers, you’re attracting free sponsors. A satisfied customer who found your business on Facebook has an increased likelihood of posting a review afterwards, liking your business page, or even posting directly about their experience to their friends.

The last thing you want do with your social media marketing is set it and forget it. Also, the most important part of the process is also the most difficult. You need to know what’s working, what isn’t, why, and how you can make it better. At ER Productions we offer hands-on social media marketing campaigns that target your customers on a variety of different levels. So how does it work?

  1. We work with you to identify customer profile types in existing and emerging area markets.
  2. Our team designs your ad campaign to target existing and new customers in your area.
  3. Soon after, we create customized ads that target viewers through language, color, and design.
  4. Your campaign is carried out, and all of the data from that campaign is collected.

What Propels Your Social Media Ad Campaign to the Finish Line?

The finish line is always moving at ER Productions. With the wealth of data collected from your campaign, we push it harder and further through analysis and implementation. Data analysis allows us to determine:

  • Who is clicking on which ad and when? Additional information includes user age, sex, and race when available.
  • What the user looked at on your site after an ad click, and if they engaged with contact forms or click-to- call. Additional information includes time spent on site, and what other pages they viewed.
  • The city the user profile is located in, and what device they were using when they clicked on the Ad. Additionally, we can determine if they were mobile or at a desktop computer.

All of this information is used to fine-tune your SMM campaign. And we carry out this process every single month. That means each month your Vancouver, WA based Facebook marketing campaign can be more effective than the last. The more data we collect, the more customized your campaign becomes.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing?

Automation is great for a lot of things, but computers can’t think critically. That’s what we bring to our clients at ER Productions; evaluation, strategic change, and constant improvement. Social media has changed the marketing landscape forever, but that’s a good thing. Using Facebook marketing we can help you reach more customers in Vancouver, WA and beyond than ever before. We’re ready to get to work, call or contact us today if you’re ready too.


How Do You Begin?

If you’d like to begin social media marketing, discuss what you’re ad campaign goals are, or just find out more-we’re glad to help you get started. Call or contact us today, your business is waiting to get exposed to Google viewers and more.

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“I highly recommend ER Productions for your web and online needs. Eric has been great to work with, responsive to my requests and intent on developing a product which was 1st class in operation, layout and looks. I love my new website! He took the time to listen to what I envisioned. PLus, Eric took the time to explain in “layman’s” language how things would work best. His team has a great eye for design as well as the skills to make it work and work exceptionally well.

David M.

5 Star Review, Yelp - January 10th, 2018

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