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Are you Getting Next-Generation Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Google never has, and never will release the exact algorithms they use to determine website rankings. That’s where we come in. Search engine optimization is an evolution. Our website optimizers have to stay on top of major changes, knowing what helps, hurts, and impacts your rankings in the moment.

Implementing leading SEO requires dedication, knowledge, and experience. At ER Productions we leverage every resource at our disposal to perform complete front and backend optimization. That means creating and implementing an SEO strategy that doesn’t just allow you to compete with the competition, it puts you ahead of it.

How do we customize search engine optimization for your Vancouver, WA business?

We perform a full audit of your current website.

We use a wide range of specialized tools to determine what signals your site is sending out. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses allows us to formulate a strategy targeting areas that will provide the greatest signal boost. Just some of the information we gather includes:

  • The strength of your web domain (URL) and where it ranks locally and nationally.
  • Key Term density and signifiers on each individual service page as well as site-wide.
  • Current interlinking between pages and how it impacts the user experience.
  • Your site structure and whether it meets current best practices or needs remapping.
We analyze your competition.

Knowing who you’re up against, the tactics they use, and why they may be outranking you is critical if you want to beat the competition. We determine where their strategies are focused, where they rank, and what signifiers they are relying on to do well in your industry and location. Additional information includes:

  • The strength and age of their current domain.
  • Their key term focus, strategy, and density on every single page.
  • What site changes they are making monthly and how they may impact rankings.
  • How their site structure impacts usability and allows them to convert visitors to customers.
  • The strength and breadth of their back-link portfolio.
The next search engine optimization steps for your business is up to you.

Our search engine optimization plans are completely customized for your business. Your locality is one of your greatest assets, and our optimization is designed to capitalize on that. We know what it takes it to rank a website, and we’ll cover it in full before moving forwards. SEO is a long-term investment. You won’t hit page one in a day, and any company that tells you otherwise isn’t one you want to hire. The right search engine optimization for a Vancouver, WA business focuses on long-term growth, proven strategies, and techniques that don’t put your business at risk in the future. That’s how we optimize, and if you don’t want to discover your business is penalized by Google, or suddenly won’t appear on Google MAPS, it’s how you should optimize too. The future of your company is just an optimization away. Call or contact us today to get started.


How Do You Begin?

If you’d like to begin search engine optimization, discuss what you’re looking for in a website, or just find out more-we’re glad to help you get started. Call or contact us today, your business is waiting to get exposed to the internet.

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“I worked closely with Eric during the building of our salon website. We are so happy with the results and would absolutely refer him to anyone. Our old site was simply sad and neglected. Our new site is polished and just beautiful. He was always quick to respond and was even kind enough to come to our salon and take the stylist bio pics. Having your photo taken can be a very uncomfortable experience but Eric was kind and patient and everyone was happy with their photo. At the beginning of this journey I had no idea of what went into a website build and had no clue of where to start. After our first meeting I had a complete vision of where we were going and felt confident that the outcome would be perfect for us. Thank you Eric! You can check out our website at

Erin K.

5 Star Review, Yelp - May 8th, 2016

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