Web Design Scam

Web Design Scam

Web Design Scam!

Are you a web design agency and ever got one of these messages either emailed or texted to your phone? “Hello My name is Daniel,Am hearing impaired that why i email you i would love to know if you can handle website design for a new company and also do you accept credit card for payment? kindly get back to me as soon as possible.So what is price does your Typical budget start from?So i can send you the job details. Regards” If so, it’s a total scam. They are trying to get your money and nothing more. I thought it would be important to share my experience.


How the Web Design Scam Went Down.

One day I was sitting at my computer and I saw I received a web design inquiry. I checked it out and it was a gentleman saying he was hearing-impaired and was looking for a website. He gave me an example site to look at and said he was looking to get something designed that was very similar ( I don’t remember the website he sent me too). I checked out the site and thought… no problem.

I sent him an email saying that I could take care of his needs and it would cost around $4500. He responded back and said no problem and he would like to pay me upfront. The thing that started to make it seem weird was he let me know that he had to pay for the logo and messaging work he paid a different designer to procure. The client told me he has had some issues paying the designer and asked if once the payment cleared for both my services and the designer (It was around $7000 total) if I would pay the other designer. I told him no problem and asked before I do this, I would like to talk to the designer. HE gave me a number. I called it. A man answered the phone. I told him who I was and he said that yes he is owed money. It seemed a little funky, but I was okay.


O No He Didn’t!

I reached out to the client the next day and told him that I was ready to process his credit card. He gave me a card number with information. I tried to run it and it came back as declined for insufficient funds. Mind you, the card was not under the name he was using. Tip off number one. Hmmmm… He reached back out giving me a different card under a different name. This time, I called the credit card processing company and gave them the card info over the phone. They let me know the card was okay. So I ran it. Again, it came back declined. I let the client know and he gave me a different card. I called my processor again and this time they let me know the card was reported stolen. Ru ro… Once I knew, I let the person know to not contact me again. I told them I found out that they were trying to do fraudulent credit card processing.

I’m hoping this helps you learn if the email or phone message you received is real or not. I wish I found something like this on the web when at the time there was nothing.